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By Rizik


You Are My Person features an original score composed by Hisham Dahud, aka Rizik


The musical direction was set forth by Dan Dobi's desire to create an ethereal, almost dreamlike setting for the characters while foreshadowing an underlining hint of uncertainty to the audience. 


"Dan really understands how impactful music can be as a storytelling device," Dahud says. "While many directors look at film music as an afterthought, it is a priority for him." 


While Dobi granted creative liberty for the score to Dahud, he remained hands on throughout the entire process.


Dan Dobi (director) and Rizik (composer) accepting Best Short Film award at Silicon Beach Film Festival


"I can't think of any other directors that are as involved in the music as Dan is," Dahud says. "He would sit behind while we worked on key scenes and we shared plenty of late nights ensuring the emotional qualities were just right. While most composers would find this to be a nightmare, Dan's passion for this project really brought out the best in me." 


The official soundtrack is available now on all platforms. 











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